Congrats you're in the
Snacking Squad!
Muffin compares.
Donut settle for less.
The perfect sweet snack for any occasion
  • Grab & Go Snacks
  • After Game Bites
  • Lunch Box Snack

A suh-weet note from
the parents who dreamed this all up.

We started Foodstirs as parents who wanted to create amazing food
experiences with our loved ones. We believe everyone deserves
access to clean great tasting food at affordable prices.

We launched with our organic baking mixes and kits but realized the
market was missing junk-free, freshly baked delicious snacks - frankly we
were missing them too! Our new on-the-go organic snacks allows us to
further our mission and offer even more options for those who believe in
quality, convenience and great food experiences.

We hope you join our junk-free snacking squad
and can't wait to hear what you think.

Treat yourself & take a bite!