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This Aprils Subscription Kit

Sparkly Apple Bites Kit
Your first kit will be the
Sparkly Apple Bites Kit
Sparkly Apple Bites Kit

Get ready to celebrate this season with Organic Sparkly Apple Bites! Filled with organic whole grains, warm cinnamon, and sparkling sugar, these bites will make your taste buds sing! This kit includes all of the baking mixes, decorations, and tools to make the suh-weetest apples!  

What’s In The Kit:

1 Foodstirs Organic Cinnamon Raisin Chewy Oat Bar Mix

1 Organic Vanilla Frosting Mix

1 Natural Sparkling Red Sugar Packet

1 Natural Green Apple Stem Sprinkles Packet

1 Foodstirs Practically Perfect Apple Bite Pan

5 Lunchskin - Unbleached + Non-Wax Paper Apple Sandwich Bags

1 Recipe Card

1 Apple Orchard Activity Sheet

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What's in a Kit

One of a Kind Organic Mixes
Non-GMO, fair trade, perfectly pure ingredients ready to transform lickety-split into the best brownies, cakes or cookies imaginable.
Nothing But Natural Decorations
Sprinkles, chocolate chips, gummy bears and all the colorful fixings you want, with no nasty chemicals.
Shapes and Supplies
Molds, cookie cutters, pastry cups and popsicle sticks let you get crafty without getting stressed.
Six Simple Steps
A recipe card with clear instructions helps even the newest bakers make photo-worthy treats in a snap.
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Every other month, when it’s time to get festive, we’ll send you everything you need to make the kitchen your happy place.
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