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Fudgin' awesome, delicious and easy-to-make baking kits and Organic baking mixes!

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Make easy even easier with organic kits thoughtfully themed for the holidays sent straight to your door, ready to whip up into sweet celebrations.

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Baking Mixes

Quick-Scratch Mixes

Our organic, ethically sourced mixes take only minutes to turn batter into better brownies, cookies and cakes, so you don’t have to plan a project to make memorable moments.

Organic Chewy Oat Bar Mixes

(Bake your own bars)

Your typical bar just got less typical! Foodstirs Organic Chewy Oat Bars are crowd-pleasing and perfect for on the go!

Organic Protein Bar Mixes

Best bar, bar none.

Organic, delicious & plant-powered protein bars are only 25 minutes away! It's a little convenience and a whole lot of taste.