Our Testirs

“I love Foodstirs, because it's soooo much fun to bake with my family and friends.”

"It's a creative and fun bonding experience to have with your friends that puts on new spin on girls night."
“I love Foodstirs because it's fun & delicious! I also get to learn new cooking skills.”

"It's so cool mixing with my hands, and seeing it bake."
Michaela & OliviaMicaela & Olivia
“We love making & eating the treats and doing the arts & crafts while we wait!”

"Foodstirs gives me the opportunity to spend quality time with my grandchildren. The recipes are easy to make and delicious."
"Foodstirs gives you the confidence to cook with your kids whether you're a pro or a rookie. Easy and fun time with the family!"

Emily & ScarlettEmily & Scarlett
"I love the special bonding time Scarlett and I share with Foodstirs kits. I know these are the memories she will remember forever."