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It’s in the Mix

Ingredients with Purpose

Foodstirs is committed to providing baking experiences that feed your sense of goodwill, as well as your cravings. Ingredients are the heroes of our mixes and we do what it takes to ensure they are tasty, pure, and good. This commitment to serving up “the best” is guided by three core principles:


We are constantly in search of the purest, highest quality ingredients possible. The result? A delicious baked creation that takes minutes to make.


Foodstirs ingredients are cultivated using progressive farming methods that rejuvenate the planet.


Our ingredients are sourced from small farms around the globe that are held to the highest possible worker well-being standards.

What's Inside?

Equal Exchange Fair Trade Chocolate and Cocoa Logo

Equal Exchange Fair Trade Chocolate and Cocoa

Ethical sourcing meets high quality taste. Equal Exchange works directly with the organic farmers and farmer cooperatives in the Dominican Republic and Peru to ensure the cultivators of these delicious ingredients are properly treated and compensated.

Biodynamic Cane Sugar Logo

Biodynamic Cane Sugar

Grown in the lush, green, organic sugar cane fields of Paraguay, Wholesome Biodynamic Cane Sugar is a delicious, unrefined white sugar. Widely considered to be the “new organic,” biodynamic sugar renews the earth’s soil and is the most sustainable type of sugar on the market.

Heirloom Flour Image

Heirloom Flour

Sourced from multi-generational North American farms, our heirloom flour incorporates the oldest wheat farming techniques. Certified organic and selected for their quality of gluten for the best flavor and taste!

Chemical Free Food Colors Image

Chemical-Free Food Colors

Who needs Red 40 from the lab when we’ve got beets from the garden? All of our Foodstirs kits are free of artificial dyes and made with natural ingredients.

Our Story

Foodstirs Founders

Foodstirs was co-founded by long-time friends and parents, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Galit Laibow and Greg Fleishman, after being touched by the distinctive way baking helped them truly connect with their children in the heart of the home – the kitchen.

Shocked by the lack of clean baking options on the market, they set out to create a brand that is high quality, accessible and delicious.

Together, they are determined to help people around the world upgrade their pantry while providing a product that gives them the opportunity to focus on what’s truly important—baking sweet memories with loved ones in the kitchen.

Homemade Easy

Our mixes are crafted with the modern baker in mind. From box to bowl, from pan to plate, the entire Foodstirs baking experience is designed to be seamless, memorable and seriously delicious in approximately 6 steps or less!

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What’s in a Name?

Foodstirs is inspired by our collective mission to stir up the food industry with a revolutionary baking line, and along the way, create a community of likeminded people, or “Foodstirs.” Join us in the Clean Baking Revolution!