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How We're Better

With everything that goes on in the world, you should at least be able to snack without second-guessing. Craving a donut? Have the donut! Enjoy it. Savor the yum-mazing flavor! And don't. think. twice. These are the childhood favorites you love, minus all the hidden junk from those other guys.

Junk-Free Baking Mixes

More Flavor. 25% Less Sugar. So Suh-weet!


All of our Junk-Free Bakery products have 25-50% less sugar than those other guys.

No Artificial Anything

Only Sustainable, Directly Sourced, Organic, and NON-GMO ingredients.

Yum-Azing Taste

Classic treats from your childhood, only better.

PSSST! Want to know our Suh-weet secret?

Our Foodstirs team has innovated the perfect unique suh-weetner blend that not only has less sugar, but delivers a delicious taste!