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How it Works

How It Works

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Get It Delivered

    Your child’s kit arrives addressed directly to them! Take your kit to the kitchen and start stirring it up with the included recipes, ingredients, and specialty tools.

Bake It & Share It!

    Create your food craft while learning new cooking skills and creating memories in the kitchen with your family. When your timer goes off, share your creation with friends and family!

What's in a Kit?

    Everything you need to stir up an edible masterpiece!
  1. dry ingredients for the sweet project
  2. colorful and easy step-by-step sweet recipe for the food craft and a bonus healthy dinner recipe (All recipes are less than 8 steps!)
  3. skill sheet
  4. specialty cooking tools and craft supplies
  5. Bonus Gift in Cooking Bundles: original Foodstirs bandana and certificate at end of course

Why Foodstirs?

    Learn new cooking skills
    Expand your palate
    Build kitchen confidence
    Create memories