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Modern up your traditions with creative baking kits delivered every other month to make even better memories with friends and family.

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Polar Bear Pals Cupcake Kit
Your first kit will be the
Polar Bear Pals Cupcake Kit

Baker's Club

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  • This Month's Kit
    • Celebrate winter with these adorable organic chocolate cupcake polar bears! 

      This kit includes all of the organic mixes, decorations, and tools to start making these seasonal treats!

      What’s Included

      • 1 Foodstirs® Organic Ultimate Chocolate Cake Mix

      • 1 Organic Vanilla Frosting Mix

      • 1 Artisan Kettle Chocolate Chip Packet

      • 1 Confetti Sprinkles Packet

      • 1 Diamond Sugar Packet

      • 8 Foodstirs® Cupcake Molds

      • 1 Piping Bag

  • Features
    • Includes all dry ingredients - our signature Organic mixes, chemical-free edible decorations, decorating supplies and step-by-step instructions.
  • Themes/Delivery
    • Your kit will ship around the 5th of every even numbered month: December (Winter holidays theme), February (Sweetheart theme), April (Spring / Easter theme), June (Summer / 4th of July theme), And August (Back to School theme),
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*At the end of the initial 1, 3, 6 and 12 kit contract period ("Duration"), all Regular Subscription Plans (not Gift Plans) will automatically renew on the Baker's Club 1 kit subscription plan and charge your credit card $24.99 plus shipping every other month.

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How It Works

Pick your Plan.Purchase your Plan.
1 kit or 3 Kit - pick the plan that works for yourself or a gift for a baker you love. When you join the Baker's Club you'll get our curated organic mixes, chemical-free decorations, and all the supplies and kid-friendly instructions you need to make baking a breeze and time together the best treat of all.

Get Ready
Every other month, we’ll send you a themed baking kit to keep you celebrating in style year-round. Check out our Subscription Schedule below to see what you can look forward to.

Get Baking
You’ll be amazed what you can make, memories included. Share your creations with us @Foodstirs and join our Foodstirs Fam!

What You Get

4 3 2 1

1 One of a Kind Organic Mixes
Non-GMO, fair trade, perfectly pure ingredients ready to transform lickety-split into the best brownies, cakes or cookies imaginable.

2 Nothing But Natural Decorations
Sprinkles, chocolate chips, gummy bears and all the colorful fixings you want, with no nasty chemicals.

3 Shapes and Supplies
Molds, cookie cutters, pastry cups and popsicle sticks let you get crafty without getting stressed.

4 Six Simple Steps
A recipe card with clear instructions helps even the newest bakers make photo-worthy treats in a snap. See how it’s done:

Share Yours!   @foodstirs   #HomemadeEasy

Delivery Schedule

Every other month, when it’s time to get festive, we’ll send you everything you need to make the kitchen your happy place.


Sweetheart Theme

*Existing subscribers:
ships around February 5th

*New subscribers:
-buy in January (ships around February 5th)
-buy in February (ships immediately)


Spring Theme

*Existing subscribers:
ships around April 5th

*New subscribers:
-buy in March (ships around April 5th)
-buy in April (ships immediately)


Summer / 4th of July Theme

*Existing subscribers:
ships around June 5th

*New subscribers:
-buy in May (ships around June 5th)
-buy in June (ships immediately)


Back to School Theme

*Existing subscribers:
ships around August 5th

*New subscribers:
-buy in July (ships around August 5th)
-buy in August (ships immediately)


Fall / Halloween Theme

*Existing subscribers:
ships around October 5th

*New subscribers:
-buy in September (ships around October 5th)
-buy in October (ships immediately)


Winter Theme

*Existing subscribers:
ships around December 5th

*New subscribers:
-buy in November (ships around December 5th)
-buy in December (ships immediately)


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Even when life is busiest, stirring it up together makes space for connections to grow. Loving the warmth of crafting fun food with their kids, parents Sarah Michelle Gellar, Galit Laibow and Greg Fleishman wanted to bring better and bolder baking adventures to everyone.

When ingredients are authentic and steps are simple, we can all have confidence in the kitchen. We can all be Foodstirs.

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