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It’s time to rise up.

Here at Foodstirs, our mission centers on bringing ALL communities together through the power of an uplifting suh-weet baked goods experience. We support organizations that make a meaningful impact towards, diversity education, foster kids, and kids impacted by domestic violence.

Foodstirs Proudly Supports

Foodstirs® | Kidsave®

Baking a Connection

With the goal of bringing foster children and potential future parents together in the best way possible, Foodstirs baking kits act as an icebreaker activity supporting live and virtual meetups. We also support activities that help transition children out of the foster care system and into loving homes including providing sweet treats to drive-in movie gatherings.

The Kidsave mission is to create change so children can grow up in families, connected to caring adults. Kidsave is passionate about the value of older kids and believes every child needs a family. Their work makes that happen.


Foodstirs® | 50 States, 50 Books®

Close the gap & Fill the map!

Baking is a powerful way to help children learn math, science, and creative expression. To also help teach the importance diversity & inclusion whilst closing the literacy gap, we help 50 States, 50 Books purchase thousands of diversity-focused children's books for underfunded schools, libraries and literacy organizations across the U.S. 

50 States 50 Books is a US organization whose mission is to help close the literacy gap among kids ages birth-17 years old through diverse and inclusive children’s books. This organization focuses on donating 50 books in each state to underfunded schools, libraries, and organizations where children can now have access to a diverse range of books.


Foodstirs® | Present Now®

Delivering moments of joy

The joy of having a birthday cake is one that every child should experience. Through our partnership with Present Now®, we create “birthday boxes” featuring Foodstirs Organic Simply Sweet Vanilla Cake mix so children living in domestic violence shelters can have a little cheeriness on their special day.

The mission of PRESENT NOW is to provide children in domestic violence shelters with both essential goods and specialty items to bring them joy, comfort, and
relief during a time of crisis.