Our Suh-Weet Story

Our Suh-Weet Story

Foodstirs® Junk-Free Bakery™ was started by three parents determined to challenge the status quo and create better food experiences for everyone. Whether you make it yourself or we make it for you, we are on a mission to clean up your favorite treats by providing the best tasting, highest-quality, sweet baked snacks without the compromise. If you can’t pronounce it, we’re not making it. Because the only place for junk is in the drawer. When ingredients are awesome and steps are simple, we can create sweet experiences. Together we can all be Foodstirs. 

What the F?!

Notice our logo lately?

Simply put, the Foodstirs F is the universal symbol for good, fun and flavor. The kind of good that starts on the inside — like with clean, organic ingredients — and works its way out as happiness. Like when you bite into a donut, savor the flavor, and there’s no regret to follow. Just pure yum-azing taste that you can feel good about!

The F is rooted in who we are and drives everything we do, from the products we put on shelves to the promises we make about them. See it? Your sweet tooth can snack with confidence because you’re getting the highest-quality, junk-free treats every. single. time.

The Foodstirs F

It’s What’s Inside That Matters

All the joy, none of the junk.
Our Foodstirs team has innovated the perfect unique suh-weetner blend that not only has less sugar, but delivers a delicious taste!
USDA organic & Non Gmo
Ingredients are everything. That’s why we stop at nothing to find the very best, genuine in character, conscious in origin and positive in impact.
Fair-Trade Chocolate
We work directly with organic farmers to make sure the people who cultivate our most craveable ingredients thrive and prosper.
Glyphosate® Residue Free
Foodstirs is the first nationally available sweet snack brand to receive the Glyphosate® Residue Free certification which verifies that our products do not contain the world’s most used herbicide.

Step into our Foodstirs® Junk-Free Bakery™

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