Ombré Bracelet Craft

I have been a Foodstirs fan since the first box of goodness landed on my doorstep last fall. I love how it makes baking with my kids so simple and stress free! Gone are the days of pulling out a million containers of ingredients and managing the war between who gets to add how many scoops of what to the mixer. Why do they always fight about the sugar and ignore the baking powder? What did baking powder ever do to them?

When I got the new Ombré Pancake Kit in the mail, my crafty brain kicked in and decided to see if I could turn one perfect baking kit into one perfect baking kit AND a craft project. Maybe make a little something for myself to go with the delicious breakfast? Using only items in the Pancake Kit combined with some embroidery floss I had on hand, I created this adorable (if I do say so myself) Ombré Bracelet!

    • Foodstirs muslin bag
    • Scissors
    • Foodstirs natural pink food coloring
    • Paintbrush
    • Small bowl
    • Water
    • Embroidery floss/thick thread
How To:
  1. Remove the drawstring from the Foodstirs muslin bag by cutting along the top seam with your scissors and pulling out the string.
  2. Cut the two knots off either end of the drawstring.
  3. Tie the two separate drawstrings together with a knot, creating one long string.
  4. Make the bracelet base by looping the drawstring around four times and tying the ends around the loops. Four times is approximate. You want to adjust the loops so that the bracelet slips on easily but isn’t too big for your wrist.
  5. Cut down the side seams of the Foodstirs bag.
  6. Make one long strip of fabric by cutting straight down the length of the bag. You want to cut as close to the Foodstirs logo as you can and remove the top and bottom edges of the bag at the seams.
  7. Add 7-8 drops of the Foodstirs natural pink food coloring to a bowl.
  8. Create the darkest shade of pink “paint” by adding 2 tsp of water to the bowl and mixing in the food coloring with your paintbrush.
  9. Paint 1/3 of your fabric strip with this paint.
  10. Add another 2 tsp of water to the bowl and paint the next 1/3 of the fabric strip with this lighter pink paint.
  11. Add another 2 tsp of water to the bowl and paint the final 1/3 of the fabric with the lightest pink paint.
  12. Let the fabric strip dry for about 20 minutes.
  13. Once the fabric strip is dry, begin wrapping it around the bracelet base.
  14. Continue looping the fabric around and around, overlapping the edges of each loop.
  15. Once the fabric is looped all the way around the bracelet, secure the ends by tying the embroidery floss around the overlap.
  16. Loop the embroidery floss on top of the fabric all the way around the bracelet.
  17. When you have wrapped the entire bracelet, knot off the ends of the floss.
  18. You can trim the ends off the floss at this point, or you can add a little tassel for some extra fun!
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Kate Sigafoos
Nearly Crafty