How a Recipe is Born

What does it take to become a recipe in a Foodstirs Kit? Let us tell you…a lot! Before the Foodstirs minds propose a recipe for our kits, we first identify the skill that will be learned. Whether it’s mixing, measuring, baking or basting, we develop a skill sheet for one of the key culinary techniques and then we get to work on our recipe.

Our Foodstirs chefs then roll their sleeves up and spend a lot of time in the kitchen perfecting the ideal recipe…it has to be unique, fun and, most importantly, delicious.

After our Chefs finalize the recipes, we then have an afternoon of cooking fun with our Kid Testirs. The Testirs make batch after batch of our potential recipes, they give us their comments and then they let us know what they love.

We typically then go back to our Foodstirs Chefs, tweaking and fine-tuning the recipe until it is perfect!

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