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Childhood Favorites Reinvented

Mini Donuts, Mini Muffin Packs and Brownie Bites

There's a reason why we say Foodstirs is yum-azing! Enjoy your childhood favorites with a lot less sugar and 100% more yum! Our mini donuts, mini muffin packs and brownie bites are made fresh with directly sourced, organic, and non-GMO ingredients. No artificial sweeteners, colors or flavorings here!

Packaged Mini Muffins, Brownie Bites and Junk-Free Donuts

Whether you need a fix for your sweet tooth during that afternoon slump or you're on the lookout for clean options to pack in your kids' lunches, our junk-free muffins, mini donuts, brownie bites and blondie bites are a better, low-sugar option to those unhealthy alternatives. Our sweet snacks are organic, conveniently packaged and come in your favorite flavors: double chocolate, snickerdoodle, blueberry - even chocolate chippy! Nope, you won't miss anything with our junk-free sweet snacks.

Foodstirs: Good, Clean Yum

Our convenient mini donuts, mini muffin packs and brownie bites are easy to take on the go - throw 'em in a backpack, in a lunch box or in your handbag - for a quick 'n easy treat that you can feel good about. Our craveable ingredients contain up to 50% less sugar. Suh-weet, right? Need an indulgence? Indulge guilt-free with good-for-ingredients that add up to good, clean yum!