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Organic Cookie, Brownie and Cake Mixes: Quick-Scratch Baking Mixes

Hey there! Looking for some yum-azing, low-sugar tasty treats with all the flavor of traditional baking mixes? At Foodstirs, our organic cookie mixes, brownie mixes, cake mixes and keto mixes include all-natural, wholesome non-GMO and vegan ingredients, Fair Trade chocolate and never anything artificial.

Our junk-free bakery organic cookie mixes and organic baking mixes are quick 'n easy for the whole family.. These super-easy and convenient clean treat mixes are ready in six steps or less and in under 30 minutes for awesome, homemade delights in your favorite mouthwatering flavors. From organic chocolate chip cookies, double chocolate sea salted brownies to Keto chocolate cake mixes, our classic treats bring back your childhood faves without all the added junk. 

More Flavor, 25% Less Sugar - So Suh-weet!

We don't want to toot our own horn or anything (maybe we do a little), but Foodstirs delivers less sugar with the best taste, thanks to our high-quality ingredients. Our yum-azing mixes are sure to bring friends and family together for tasty treats, while building connections in the kitchen! Enjoy nothing artificial in our Foodstirs organic quick-scratch baking mixes that are big on taste and fantastically fun.