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Baking Kits

From-Scratch Taste, Better-For-You Clean Ingredients

Can you get that from-scratch great taste in a baking kit that has better-for-you ingredients and less sugar than those other guys? You bet you can! At Foodstirs, our junk-free baking kits put some good, clean yum back into your clean kitchen with non-GMO, sustainable, organic ingredients that you'll feel good about. These creative baking kits are fun 'n easy for kids, loved ones - and the entire family!

Junk-Free Baking Kits: Pancakes, Donuts, Cookies - Oh, My!

We've reinvented your favorite childhood treats in our collection of junk-free baking kits. From Pancake Art baking kits to colorful unicorn donut treats, our junk-free baking kits are a convenient and fun way to bring your family together.

Get creative with our colorful, tantalizing treats. Whether you're celebrating a birthday or graduation, Foodstirs is a guilt-free way to make new memories that are suh-weet! There's no special occasion needed to treat yourself, though. If you're simply looking for healthy indulgences that are better for you and are made with clean, vegan, organic ingredients, you've found them in these junk-free baking kits.

We Can All Be Foodstirs!

At Foodstirs, our junk-free baking kits are an innovative and delicious way to add fun, whimsy and color to your kitchen. From the reusable donut pans and plant-based natural dyesto our out-of-this-world galaxy donuts and the convenient squeeze bottles in our pancake baking kits, these delightful baking kits include everything you need for good, clean YUM!