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Keto Junk-Free Baking Mixes

Craving sweets yet trying to adhere to a clean, organic and low-carb keto lifestyle? Foodstirs has the keto-friendly junk-free baking mixes in several irresistible flavors that will help quiet and calm those cravings. You'll get 100% yum and that suh-weet taste you're looking for in our clean and organic baking mixes that take mere minutes to whip up. Build connections in the kitchen with kids and create some healthy sweet and special memories (that don't compromise your keto lifestyle) with our quick-'n-easy mixes. Each Foodstirs keto dessert mix takes six steps or less to whip up and about 20 minutes to bake. The result? Fast, homemade, low-sugar and keto-friendly treats that everyone will love!

Choose from our Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, Keto Chocolate Cake Mix or Keto Chocolate Brownie Mix - all with very low net carbs, non-GMO ingredients, less sugar and that from-scratch taste that you remember from all of your childhood favorites. Enjoy clean indulgences that are quick, easy and aligned with your low sugar and low carb dietary needs with Foodstirs clean, gluten-free, organic and keto mixes.