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Bestselling Junk-Free Organic Baking Kits and Baking Mixes

Get that from-scratch taste without all of the added sugar and yucky stuff with our bestselling junk-free organic cookie, brownie, cake mixes and baking kits. "Bake it happen" with our super-easy baking kits that bring loved ones and children together for fun eats!

Whether you're looking for organic Keto, indulgent brownie mixes, cake or cookie mixes, we've got 'em all. Our baking mixes are full of great taste without any artificial, bad-for-you ingredients that you can't pronounce. Low sugar? Vegan? Yes, please! Satisfy that sweet tooth with our suh-weet organic junk-free bakery - and get those good-for-you feelings that eating clean delivers.

Organic, Less Sugar and Yum-azing Taste

Our bestselling junk-free baking mixes, from keto and junk-free cookie mixes to organic brownie mixes, are more than super-special treats. Foodstirs' bestselling baking kits are also sustainable, directly sourced and contain only non-GMO ingredients. Yup, healthy baking mixes are our thing at Foodstirs. So, go ahead, live a little and enjoy these classic treats (only better) from your childhood.