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Gilded Pumpkin Centerpiece

We all love the Thanksgiving meal, which makes the dining room table the focal point this holiday. When hosting Thanksgiving at your home, there are many details to consider: the…

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Turkey Snack Bowls

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. So how do you keep everyone content until the meal is ready to serve? With delicious snacks of course! Get your kids excited for the holiday,…

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Muslin Trick-or-Treat Bag

Want a fun and creative way to reuse your  Foodstirs muslin bag? What better way than for trick or treating?!  You kids will love this easy and simple project. Here’s…

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Googly-Eyed, Flying Bats

Decorating for Halloween doesn’t have to mean going to the store and buying decorations. With just a few recycled materials and some craft supplies, you can create these googly-eyed egg carton…

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