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Baseball Sugar Cookies

Prep: 30 min
Bake: 15 min
Yields: 14 baseball cookies

For cookies:
1 Foodstirs Organic Sweet Tooth Sugar Cookie Mix
1 egg
12 Tbs unsalted butter, cold (cubed)

For frosting:
1 Foodstirs Organic Vanilla Frosting Mix
3 Tbs unsalted butter
2 Tbs yogurt Greek or plain
1 packet natural red food dye



In a mixing bowl, beat butter with electric mixer on low speed or by hand until creamy, then blend in egg. Slowly add dry sugar cookie mix and blend until all incorporated. Gather dough into a ball and flatten into a disc. Wrap dough in plastic and freeze 20 minutes or until firm.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Remove dough from freezer and remove plastic. Flour a flat surface and both sides of the dough. Use a rolling pin to roll out dough to 1/4" thick. Cut circles from the dough using a 2" round cutter or the lip of a small drinking glass. Place on baking sheet at least 1" apart and bake for 13-15 minutes, or until golden.

To make the frosting, in a medium sized bowl, blend together the butter and yogurt then add the dry frosting mix and blend until creamy and smooth.

Remove 1/4 cup of frosting and place in a small bowl. Blend the red food dye into the frosting, mix until well incorporated. Place in a piping bag or in the corner of a plastic storage bag. Squeeze frosting down to the tip, set aside.

Frost cookies with remaining white frosting. Cut the end off of the frosting bag and carefully pipe the baseball laces onto the frosting.