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Stir with Sarah - Week 6

It’s my favorite time of the week- when I get to stop the hard work and share in the fun!! My first pick is @cournteyanton for sharing the joy. Last month it was little sister Luci’s turn, and this month it was Caroline’s. As a parent I know how important individual time is for children to have with their parents. The joy on Caroline’s face was beautiful. And while on the subject of sharing, my next pick is @enchantedbyerin whose kids made the kit together. And even though it is no longer Halloween, they had a great time making the ghost cookies while listening to holiday music. It just goes to show you that our kits are a great time all year round. And lastly this week, I have to mention @andynjami’s daughter, Natalya, who found an ingenious way to be creative with our box and muslin bag. I have always believed that creativity and ingenuity are the keys to a great mind.

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