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Stir with Sarah - Week 5


Stir with Sarah - Week 5

You guys are getting more and more creative: it is getting harder to pick each week. My first special notice goes out to @gs_louise_ because goodness knows I love a boy in uniform, especially when it's a superhero. I have always believed that time in kitchen is all about self expression & creativity, and a costume certainly qualifies. I love watching children in the kitchen as they often let go of perfection, just enjoy the project and live in the moment. As adults we could all use more of that freedom. My next pick is @kelliefoster. While our kids may have been the initial inspiration for Foodstirs what I quickly realized (or maybe always knew) was that baking is for all ages. And especially as adults we are more aware of the ingredients that go into our yummy treats, and actively search to make better choices. My favorite time of the night is when the kids are in bed and my husband and I engage in true “unplugged” quality kitchen time. I often find our conversations deeper and our connections more true. I am so glad you and your husband took the time to bake together.
And a special thank you to Carey Robb, who took the time to write us a letter just to say thank you.
Hi I have five children and am a major baker and all around foodie! I signed up for your bakers club because I loved your concept and wanted to support your company. What I received with your ghost cookies was the BEST mix I have ever tasted! Believe me, I have tried a lot and bake a lot from scratch. In your mix, I tasted the Madagascar or Tahitian vanilla and the kosher salt and the organic flour!!! It really was amazing. Now that being said, I'm hooked!! Could you please tell me when my next shipment is coming ? Thank you so much and GOOD JOB!!!! Sincerely Carey Robb
Your letter made our day!! Its very rare in our busy society that people just give an unprompted thank you for work well done, but its meaning is tremendous. At the heart of Foodstirs is the life long memories we create in the kitchen, and I am honored that you guys choose to share them with me. Please keep them coming: tag me at #foodstirs and #stirwithSarah. (pictures, videos, messages - I love them all)
  P.S. - I'm super excited to get the chance to tell you about our #GoldenSpoonSweeps. During the month of December 5 lucky winners will receive a #goldenspoon in their monthly Foodstirs Kit. Join the #bakersclub to enter. Already a member of our bakers club?..then you are automatically entered and eligible to win. Check out the prizes at -

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