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Stir with Sarah - Week 2

First off, I want to thank all of you for sharing your amazing pictures with me. I truly get excited every time I receive a new one. I love getting to share my passion with all of you. To start off this week, it wasn’t a picture that caught my eye, but the cutest video. It was the sweetest little girl, Elise (@klynn112), step by step making the Ghost Cookie Kit. Elise was so good we should consider hiring her for our next video. My second pick of the week, was from Maryann Sparks (@msparkles12). The girls on the couch all looked so excited to receive their box. (Well maybe not the girl on the left, but three out of four isn’t bad, right?) And special mention to Milla, one of my daughter’s best friends, who just this morning, decided to make breakfast with her ghost cookie cutter. That great ingenuity from a five year old. Please keep sending your pictures (videos too) and don’t forget to tag it #foodstirs and #stirwithsarah.

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