Stir With Sarah - Week 1

So this week my first pick is Leah Wickett. Leah you are 100 percent right, we made our kits for everyone, the love of food does not discriminate by age. Whether baking with families, friends or even by yourself, we made our products for you. I love to eat and I love to be creative. I often found myself late at night (and by myself) getting lost in the black hole of the Internet, inspired by the ideas I saw but overwhelmed at the thought of actually making them. That’s one of the main reasons we created Foodstirs, so that everyone could experience the joy of baking (and with healthier ingredients) and Leah your picture and message captured that. My second photo I wanted to spotlight was from Courtney Anton of her adorable daughter Luci. Cooking is such an educational moment with kids, it's fine and gross motor skills, it's vocabulary, it's science and it's math. But more than anything it's confidence building, and that lasts a lifetime. The prideful expression on your daughters face melted my heart. I know the time spent with my kids in the kitchen is some of the most special connections we have. I hope you and your daughter continue to share this special time. And lastly I want to make special mention of Martha Carr. Martha wrote to us that her daughter Danielle has special needs, and she thought Foodstirs could help her daughter to learn more about cooking. We are honored that you chose us to help your daughter. We hope you continue to share the journey with us. We can’t wait for the day she makes our Mother's Day Kit especially for you.  

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