Stir with Sarah - DIY Keepsake Box

One of the things I always love to do is reuse, reuse, reuse. I pride myself on my creativity when it comes to repurposing. Recently, I met my match when I met Kenneth Wingard, talk about creative DIY. This guy can do it all- he’s an architect, designer, an entrepreneur and father of three. I recently sent him his first Foodstirs kit, and not only did he send me the cutest pictures of his kids doing the foodcraft, but he turned our (recycled, made in the USA) box into a lined keepsake box. Check out the incredible step-by-step pics below. Step 1: IMG_2854 Step 2: IMG_2855 Step 3: IMG_2857 Step 4: IMG_2858 Step 5: IMG_2859 The finished project: IMG_2860 IMG_2861

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