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Stir, Bake, Share

Welcome!! When my co-founders and I first thought about creating Foodstirs, we wanted everybody else to experience the joy we found baking together, whether it was with our families, our friends or even by ourselves. So what better way to celebrate then with all of you? Now that Foodstirs is finally available, please send me pictures and videos of your experiences. I want them all - opening the boxes, baking, making the craft, sharing the yummy treats and even the original projects you do with the box afterwards. I will pick a few every week and share them here (and if it's yours that I share, you will receive a special discount code from me.) I have always seen Foodstirs as a community of friends who just like me, love to bake and be creative with food, while still being conscious of the ingredients we are using. I hope Foodstirs is a convenient way for you to enjoy the yummier aspects of life. Now you can really #StirWithSarah. So don't forget to tag me #foodstirs #StirWithSarah.   Photo credit: MINI Magazine

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