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Melting Hot Chocolate Snowmen


Melting Hot Chocolate Snowmen

It's chilly outside and making a batch of hot chocolate for your kids as an after school treat will warm them up and put a smile on their faces! This decadent recipe uses dark chocolate and milk rather than coco powder and water, creating a creamy delicious drink. The kids will probably not appreciate the hot chocolate as much as the adorable melting snowman looking back at them while they sip away. If you are short on time, the snowman faces can easily be made ahead of time and stored in a sealed plastic bag or wrapped in plastic wrap. Use your child's favorite candies to personalize their snowman. How Kids Can Help:
  • Make snowman faces.

  • Make the chocolate hats using assortment of candy.

  • Whisk the whipped cream.

  • Add the dollops of whipped cream to the mugs.

  • Place the snowman's head into the mugs.

  • Decorate the button's with mini chocolate chips.

  Melting Snowman - Foodstirs Melting Snowman - Foodstirs

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~Recipes and photos by Katie Romey, MS, RD for Foodstirs

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