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Four for Foodstirs - Sarah Michelle Gellar


Four for Foodstirs - Sarah Michelle Gellar

As Foodstirs is truly a passion project for all of us involved, I wanted to find a way to share a little of our creative inspirations with you.  Being a creative person is not without its challenges and its emotional highs and lows. We may all find our ideas and strengths in different places, but I think one common thread among all of us is the fulfillment that comes with chasing dreams and finding creative outlets. I want to use this column to ask the same simple questions to creative people that have inspired us along the way, in the hopes that maybe we can inspire you, both in the kitchen and out of it.

I also don’t believe it's fair to ask other people about their inspirations if I'm not willing to share mine- so the first person I tried these questions out on …. was myself (and I answered all of them).  

What have you learned about yourself by being in the kitchen?

I have learned so much about myself in the kitchen, but most importantly that I don’t need to be intimidated by it. I think for so long I found the kitchen an overwhelming place so I avoided it as a creative outlet. Now, in a complete 180 I find it one of my most creatively fulfilling outlets. It's crazy the things you can think up and accomplish in the kitchen.  

What have you learned about your family by being in the kitchen? (if applicable)

I definitely see the most authentic bonding moments happen with my family in the kitchen. As a society, we spend so much time on these little devices “connecting” that I worry we are only becoming more and more disconnected. When I'm in the kitchen with my family, the phones go away (as it’s a necessity when there is fire and knives) and we are all really together. My kids open up to me about their day and I do the same with my husband. I find the kitchen to also be the place that I congregate with my girlfriends to catch up. It’s a relaxing space where you can leave the stress of the crazy day to day and enjoy the precious moments together.  

What is your best childhood memory in the kitchen?

My mom was a single mother scraping to get by, yet somehow she managed every night to have a home cooked meal on the table for us. There was never TV on, we simply talked and shared. This is a tradition my husband and I carry on now with our kids. No phones or TV at the table- its simply family time.  

As a creative- what outlet do you feel most fulfills you? And what outlet do you find the most challenging?

I always thought acting would always be my main creative outlet, but have been so pleasantly surprised how fulfilled I can be creatively in other forms. Foodstirs has been truly such a great challenge for me both on a business and creative level. On the same note, it’s also been the most challenging. When I am performing in a movie or TV show the creative part is my main responsibility, with Foodstirs that is not the case. I am equally as responsible for the day to day running of the company. That can prove extremely difficult to a creative mind.  

Where do you look for creative inspiration?

I am always on the lookout, as you never know where the inspiration will come from. Sometimes its obvious like an art show or Pinterest. Other times, it's surprising like an innocent comment from my children or something that frustrates me that I can turn into art.  

Who creatively inspires you?

I find the most inspiration from my kids (they were after all the inspiration for Foodstirs) I love the simplicity and purity in the way kids see things. The way they can look at a simple leaf and find twenty minutes of story from that leaf, or be fascinated by a snail. The innocence and pure belief is what I hope to take from them.  

What was the biggest obstacle you found in taking a passion to a business (if applicable)?

This answer could be its own book. Every day is a new set of trials and tribulations, but it is in those challenges that I find the most reward. I love that my kids are watching me create something from the ground up. By no means has this been an easy journey, but I could not be prouder of all of us involved.  

At times, being creative can seem like a luxury, how do you find the time? And why do you find it important to carve out that time?

Without the “luxury” of working the creative side of my brain, I would probably find the stress of day-to-day life too difficult. I make an effort to unwind and take delight in the simple pleasures. I definitely find late at night or early in the am are best for my artistic endeavors, as I usually have limited interruptions at those times (i.e. my kids are asleep lol).

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