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Four for Foodstirs - Gia Russo Levin


Four for Foodstirs - Gia Russo Levin

Now while you may know a lot about me, I am only one third of the creative team that thought up Foodstirs. Gia Russo Levin is not only my co-founder, but also the Creative Director. When we first met we couldn’t believe how similar we were, in both our aesthetic and love of anything crafty. Gia started her career at Martha (yes THE Martha), and went on to write three best selling cooking and lifestyle books, has had one if the best selling children’s décor lines at Target for the last ten years, and was even on Oprah as a lifestyle expert. She is also a wife and mother to her ten-year-old son. Here is what she had to say to me.  

What have you learned about your self by being in the kitchen? 

I have learned how to be a confident cook/baker because I started at a young age. I learned it’s tough to mess up in the kitchen when you are confident about what you are preparing. I suggest jumping in and get started. I suggest choosing simple recipes with less than 6 step. Cooking/baking is like anything in life...the more you practice the more your confidence grows. :)  

What is your best childhood memory in the kitchen? 

My best childhood kitchen memory is spending hours in the kitchen every Sunday with my dad.  We hosted large gatherings every Sunday and served a 3-4 course Italian meal.  There’s something about time in the kitchen with a loved one that stays with you forever.  

As a creative - what outlet do you feel most fulfills you?  

My day-to- day work is my creative outlet that fulfills me. I am always researching and thinking ahead to the next Foodstirs product. I love this part of my job -- it makes me smile.  

Where do you look for creative inspiration? 

I read and research many various European design blogs and design magazines for my creative inspiration.  I am a Pinterest junkie, too!  

Who creatively inspires you? 

This is tough as I find many people inspiring.  I would say: Jenna Lyons, Pilar Guzman and Wes Anderson.  

At times being creative can seem like a luxury, how do you find the time? And why?

Being creative to me is the only way my brain functions. I wish I knew differently -- lol. If I am not being a wife or mom, I am always looking and researching for my next design ideas. Nothing makes me happier than brainstorming our next product with you and Galit. To see our ideas come to life is the most gratifying experience. I would be lost without this time.

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