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Four for Foodstirs - Erica Domesek of P.S. - I Made This...


Four for Foodstirs - Erica Domesek of P.S. - I Made This...

I met Erica when I was invited to her girls night out party for Cinco De Mayo - it was CincoDIYmayo (she had me at homemade margaritas). I had been following her site for awhile, I loved everything about it, especially all her tricks for handmade headbands (one of my fave things to make for my daughter). From the moment we met that night I knew I had met a fellow craft sister. The most amazing thing about Erica is her boundless energy, and endless supply of inspiration. She’s like a female crafty version of MacGyver.  

Check her out at

Instagram: @psimadethis
Twitter: @psimadethis
Snapchat: psimadethis

Where do you find your creative and crafty inspiration?

Story of my life! People either say the following: I’m not crafty, I don’t have time or where do you find your inspiration? I say to all of that… Nobody has to be an artist, it doesn’t have to take too much time. Inspiration is everywhere! Whether you tear out pictures from magazines, stay up late going crazy on Pinterest, screenshot your favorite looks on Instagram, or the old fashioned “window shopping”- keep your eyes open at all the times. The mantra “I see it. I like it. I make it” stems from the desire to spot things you love, but encourages you to roll up your sleeves and DO IT YOURSELF. This is where P.S.- I Made This was born! All of our projects on the site, in my books, & at our events are designed for everyone. We strive to always empower people through design, personalization and creativity. Don’t get caught up in the process- the internet How-To’s will help you with that. Just bring the desire to make your world a little bit more beautiful and fun, we will help you with the rest.  

Who creatively inspires you?

My mom is someone who can make something out of nothing and everything in the kitchen. She can craft up the most delicious meals without ever looking at a recipe. The idea to use creative juices and intuition in the kitchen is always something I have looked up to. I try to apply this to the way I approach creating things too.

Years ago when I was a prop stylist, I assisted a woman named Janine Trott. She was like a crafty unicorn angel (with a British accent). Watching her design and creative process was the most beautiful thing.  

Has there ever been a project that just got the best of you?

So many, I can’t count! Tons of projects don’t work out, nobody’s perfect. Usually when something isn’t looking great, I pull the plug. I always tell people when they need a little help, sometimes don’t DIY it, DIT (Do it Together) with a friend. This way, you can help each other and of course it’s more fun.  

What have you learned about yourself through your crafts?

There is no greater satisfaction then “me time”! Some people read, others go running, my “me time” is always in a quiet, and creative sense. The combination of having quiet time where I can solely focus on a project without distractions is the ultimate outlet where I can exercise my desire to imagine, create, and construct. Having a project with a beginning, middle and end is extremely gratifying. I have severe ADD (self-diagnosed) which means it has always been hard for me to finish tasks, and complete things. The feeling I get after I create something I love is irreplaceable. I highly recommend it!

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