Four for Foodstirs - Andrea Williams of Tubby Todd

Andrea williams

Four for Foodstirs - Andrea Williams of Tubby Todd

For those of you who don’t know Andrea (and you totally should). She is the creator of Tubby Todd bath products. I am obsessed with her products. They combine all my favorite scents, are all natural and extremely gentle (sometimes I even share them with my kids- just kidding). While not only being an entrepreneur and author, she is a wife and mother of two adorable kids with another one on the way. How she juggles everything is an inspiration. And how cute is the name (named after her son Walker Todd)?
Instagram: @tubbytodd
Twitter: @tubbytodd

What have you learned about yourself by being in the kitchen?

Being in the kitchen has given me so much confidence! I am not great at many of the traditional things parents are “expected” to do. I can’t sew, my bed always looks sloppy when I make it, and I know my kids will need a tutor as soon as we hit long division. BUT I can make a mean chicken picatta and delicious chocolate chip cookies that leave us all happy, full and feeling better about life. Filling the bellies of the people I love is something that gives me so much confidence that I am, after all, capable of showing love to and taking care of this little family I have been blessed with.  

What have you learned about your family by being in the kitchen? (if applicable)

The great thing about cooking is that you can still carry on a conversation with your family. Unlike television, reading, or being on your phone/computer, being in the kitchen allows you to still be a really present parent. I love having my kids sit up at the table while I’m cooking and they “help” me stir, chop or shake. It’s a great place to have conversation and teach. I learn about their day, about the questions they have, and I have learned that they love to be a part of whatever I am doing.  

What is your best childhood memory in the kitchen?

I was raised by my mother, aunts and grandmothers who are all really great cooks. They put a lot of pride in the presentation of their food, as well as the taste. Some of my friends’ moms were trying to help them diet, and my mom was always trying to feed me! Ha! It felt comforting to know that she was trying to take care of me and nurture me. Now that I’m a mom it makes so much sense, it feels like second nature to offer those you love something yummy to help cheer them up. I have so many memories of my mom not only cooking for us, but also inviting people into our home and preparing meals for them. I remember other family, friends and people from church always having a seat at our table, and my mom would make them feel so comfortable as she cooked for them.  

What was the biggest obstacle you found in taking a passion to a business? (if applicable)

The biggest obstacle I have found in taking a passion to business (and still do!) is just being able to find time for it all. Between kids, your spouse and your company it almost seems impossible to juggle everything. That is why I find so much joy in the little things, like cooking or baking, that bring together a few of life’s necessities with the people I love and allow me to do more than one thing at once. It feels like a win for everyone, and by the end of the day we are all fulfilled and satisfied.

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