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A Letter from Sarah Michelle Gellar


A Letter from Sarah Michelle Gellar

Happy 2016 everyone!!!! 2015 was such an exciting time for all of us at Foodstirs, but 2016 is going to be bigger and better (and tastier). Thanks to all of you who have supported and believed in us, I know that together we can all bake it better. Now, while I can’t spill all the exciting surprises in store, I can tell you that we are already hard at work on your monthly boxes and even more exciting new product.

With the holidays behind us, it's important to remember that we can create lasting memories year round. I don’t personally make New Years Resolutions, as I want to constantly work on improving my life and myself, but it's still a great time to focus on these things. I know that it is more important than ever to make sure I find the time to unplug and truly connect with my friends and family. I have even resolved to less texting and more phone calls (remember those - when you actually speak to the person?)

I hope Foodstirs continues to bring you joy and precious moments of honest connections that happen in the kitchen.

Sarah Michelle

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