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Our Mission


Our Mission

It all starts with our children, and the worry of not having enough time to create those special moment and memories.  We were watching our kids grow up so quickly, and constantly wondering how to take it all in. This is most parents’ fear, right?! As three working parents, we didn’t know how to slow down, but we did find one common thread – our kids loved to cook and bake. As we started to spend time in the kitchen, we began to realize how baking was helping us not only connect with our kids, but also ourselves. It allowed for us to spend quality time together and express creativity in a technology-free zone.

We were continually shocked by the lack of innovation and quality on the shelves. The baking aisles in grocery stores were filled with the same products from our childhood, that include preservatives, chemicals, and ingredients we couldn't pronounce. We were appalled at the absence of cleaner, organic baking options, that were easily accessible to all we created our own, and Foodstirs was born.

Our mission is to create junk-free, delicious, convenient, more nutritionally optimized products, with the cleanest possible ingredients, that we can all feel good about eating and feeding to our loved ones. All Foodstirs ingredients are USDA Certified Organic, Glyphosate free, and never genetically modified, so our flavors are full and vibrant, not skewed or superficial. This results in a delicious, from-scratch taste!

Not only are our ingredients clean, they’re also sustainable and equitable. We use regenerative farming methods that improve the quality of land and soil, and we source our ingredients from small farms that advance the well-being of fieldworkers.

Oh, and you may be asking about our name -– Foodstirs. It's our collective mission to “stir up” the food industry with a revolutionary platform of great products for everyone, and along the way, create a community of like-minded people, or “Foodstirs”. 

So come join us!  



Galit, Greg & Sarah Michelle

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