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5 Benefits of Baking for Mental Health and Happiness


5 Benefits of Baking for Mental Health and Happiness

Baking for mental health and happiness? Yep, you read that right! Sure, most of us bake because we love yummy desserts, but a great bonus is the fact that you it actually improves your state of being. Here are five ways that baking will help you boost your mood.


1) Baking is meditative. When you’re rolling and stirring the dough your mind drifts into a meditative space that creates a calming sense of relaxation and Zen.

2) Baking stimulates the senses. The smell of the dough, the feel of the cake when you’re rolling cake bites…baking stimulates your sense of smell and touch in an incredibly relaxing way.

3) Baking gives you a sense of total control. In the chaotic world that we live in, sometimes it’s nice to feel a total sense of control, which is exactly what baking brings to the table.

4) Baking gets your creative juices get flowing. Since so many of us have jobs that might feel a little boring and mundane at times, it’s great that baking allows for you to tap into your more creative side. Whether it’s decorating your favorite cupcakes or frosting a cake, it’s fun to let go and see what kinds of ideas your brain comes up with.

5) Baking makes other people happy. As our founder, Sarah Michelle Gellar once said, “Give what you want to receive. If you want happiness, make others happy. Even though baking has some amazing affects for your own mental health, the act of giving something you created with your own two hands to someone else is also quite satisfying.

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