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5 Baking Activities To Do As a Family


5 Baking Activities To Do As a Family

While all of our kits are fabulous to do solo, we love to talk about the family aspect of baking as well. We made our baking kits specifically because they are such a great activity for parents and kids to do together; no iPhones, no iPads, no video games, or YouTube…just good family fun. Here are five of our favorite family-fun approved baking kits!

Rainbow Donut Pool Party: This donut kit literally screams summer and that’s what makes it the ultimate baking activity to do as a whole family, especially once school is out. Don’t forget to invite all your Gummy Bear pals to this party!

Movie Night Cupcake Kit: What beats a family movie night, right?! Since no movie night is complete without some popcorn, this popcorn-inspired cupcake kit is the best Friday night family activity. Each kit makes six cupcakes and the vanilla cupcakes feature bite-size marshmallows (aka the “popcorn”), topped with yummy dye-free sparkling sugar (aka the “butter”).

Movie Night Kit

Planet Earth Cake Pop Kit: For the family who loves space and science our planet-inspired cake pops are one majorly fun family activity. Each kit comes with organic baking mixes, organic white chocolate chips, natural dyes, organic decorating sugars and the bakeware you need to make each pop.

Planet Earth Cake Pop

Out Of This World Donut Kit: Speaking of space, our galaxy-inspired donut kit is another family favorite for science and dessert enthusiasts alike! Each colorful treat will put a big smile on every family member’s face.

Out of This World

Celebration Rainbow Pancake Kit: There’s nothing like Sunday morning family fun with some rainbow pancakes! They’re super easy to make and made from chemical-free dyes.

Rainbow Celebration Pancakes

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