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3 Baking Activities to Do with Mom This Mother’s Day!


3 Baking Activities to Do with Mom This Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to treat your mom to some fun, delicious (and organic!) treats. Here are three of our favorite baking activities for Mother’s Day, all sure to make mom smile.

A Mother’s Day breakfast pancake party: Waking up and cooking rainbow pancakes for mom is an amazing way to kick off your Mother’s Day celebration, don’t you think? Our Rainbow Pancake Kit is not only super colorful and fun, but they’re also organic and delicious! The kit includes all of the organic pancake mixes, chemical-free dyes, and supplies that you need to make mom the best breakfast ever.

Pancake Art Kit

Sugarfina X Foodstirs Ice Cream Cones Kit Treat mom to a push pop party this Mother’s Day, and the best part is that you can make this for mom as a gift, or you can also make it with her – such a fun bonding activity! Our limited edition Sugarfina X Foodstirs Ice Cream Cones Kit will make you 6 of the most delicious organic vanilla cake push pops. These light and sweet push pops can be decorated with our pink and purple frostings to make any design you like!

Sugarfina X Foodstirs Rainbow Cones Kit

A chocolate lover’s dream: Our Cutie Cupcake Kit is another perfect way to celebrate the day with mom. You can customize each cupcake (the kit makes six) to say anything you like, but we especially love “xoxo” and “mom” as two good options.

Cutie Pie Cupcakes

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