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bake it yourself

Our organic mixes are a cinch on their own, and even better when they’re just the beginning. Here are some clever ways you can bake beyond the box, and use our mixes to make sweet surprises all your own.


Foodstirs Organic Brownie Lovers Candy Monster Donuts

Foodstirs Organic Brownie Lovers Candy Monster Donuts


For Mini Brownie Cakes:

1. Preheat the oven to 350*F. Lightly spray a Donut Mold with Organic Cooking Spray.

2. In a bowl, whisk the Eggs, Oil, and Water until well-blended. Begin adding the Foodstirs Organic Chocolate Lovers Brownie Mix and stir until combined.

3. Once completely incorporated, fill all the Donut Molds with Brownie batter and bake for 19-22 minutes. Once finished, set aside for assembly. 

For Frosting:

1. In a bowl, combine the Butter and Yogurt until combined and then slowly add in the Foodstirs Vanilla Frosting Mix. 

2. Next, separate the Frosting into 4 bowls. In one bowl, add in 2 Tbsp of Frosting and the according Natural Dye Packets, leave one bowl with plain, white Frosting. Set aside for assembly. Pro Tip: Use a ziplock to pipe on the Frosting! Add a fun frosting tip to create spooky textures!

For Assembly:

1. Begin frosting the Monster Donuts with the Frosting. Next, pipe on eyes and place YumEarth candies in decorative Monster fashion on top. Repeat with all donuts. Enjoy!

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