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Chocolate Chippy Candy Corn Cake

Chocolate Chippy Candy Corn Cake

Prep: 10 min
Bake: 25 min
Yields: 8 - 12 servings

For cookie cake:
1 Foodstirs Organic Chocolate Chippy Cookie Mix
6 Tbsp butter
1 egg
*disposable 8” cake pan

For frosting:
1 Foodstirs Organic Vanilla Frosting Mix
3 Tbsp butter, cold and cubed
2 Tbsp yogurt, plain or Greek
Natural yellow food dye
Natural orange food dye


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Blend butter until smooth then add egg and dry cookie mix and continue blending until a dough is formed. Press dough evenly into disposable cake pan. If you do not have a disposable cake pan, shape the cookie dough into a flat 8” disc and place on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

Bake 25-30 minutes, or until the cookie is evenly golden across the top. Cool completely. To make the frosting, blend butter and yogurt together in a bowl until combined. Add dry frosting mix and blend a minute more until smooth and creamy.

Set aside 3 tablespoons of frosting. Divide remaining frosting in half and use natural food dye to color one portion yellow and one orange. Use a butter knife to evenly spread white frosting into a 3 inch circle in the middle of the cookie cake. Next spread orange frosting evenly around white circle, about 1 1/2 wide. Spread yellow frosting around remaining outside edge of cookie. Serve immediately!