About Us

What is Foodstirs?

We are a culinary experience for families, created by families who have an appetite for encouraging experimentation, applauding fun and developing skills in the busiest room in their home: the kitchen. We are teaching children how to use real ingredients to make homemade food. Foodstirs unleashes kids’ potential, builds confidence and produces pride in what they have accomplished.

As parents ourselves, we wanted to offer a kit that was filled with an experience, not just a product. Cooking brings families closer, creates memories and allows for time to truly engage with each other. Our fun, food crafting projects, delivered directly to your doorstep, provide fun while learning.

Children will learn real life cooking skills, they will be reading, counting and concocting as they cook.

What’s in a name?

Foodstirs is derived from a combination of “Foodie” and “Hipster.” We are a community of food lovers and hip makers of all ages that don’t take ourselves too seriously.

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