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We've reinvented childhood favorites for today's sweet tooth

lower sugar
More flavor, less sugar? Yup, that’s a thing. Our products range from 25%- 50% less sugar than those other guys, making your suh-weet treat a little more enjoyable!
Purposeful Ingredients
Ingredients are everything. That’s why we stop at nothing to find the very best, genuine in character, conscious in origin and positive in impact.
Yum-azing Taste!
Taste-bud dazzling flavor and formats that deliver suh-weetness you can feel good about.

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Our Story

We’re a bunch of junk-free bakers.  

Our mission? To clean up your favorite treats and satisfy your sweet cravings.  Whether you make it yourself or we make it for you, Foodstirs is always Junk-Free with organic, sustainable, clean ingredients and a lot less sugar.

We believe in keeping the YUM HIGH, the SUGAR LOW and nothing artificial. 

Join us in bringing real food, better ingredients, and good, clean fun to our kitchens.

That's our kind of suh-weet talk.

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