Simply delicious baking kits & mixes to enjoy with the whole family.

why ?
  • Create meaningful experiences in the kitchen
  • Simple ingredients. Simply delicious.
  • Conveniently delivered to your door
  • Reinvent cookies, cake mixes & crafts
No artificial ingredients, preservatives, flavors or dyes

  • “Cooking..Is an every day occurrence in our house. The Foodstirs kit is such a great way to teach our children that cooking and baking is a way of life.”
    Emily - Texas
  • “My kids get so excited when the Foodstirs kit arrives because they know that’s the time that they can be “in charge” of what we’re making. They love to pour and mix, and of course love the end result of our project.”
    Susie - California
  • “Even if you’re a terrible baker, Foodstirs makes it almost impossible to mess up!”
    Molly - California
  • “I’m excited to learn along side my kids how to cook and bake!”
    Joy - Michigan
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